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Star Forecast
By Lyn Hammond-Gray, DDiv
Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mercury flaps his wings and flies in direct motion.

Drum roll, please! Mercury turned direct at ….8:40 pm EDT last evening.

Here are some things you can expect:

Those letters that you were waiting for suddenly appear.

The thing you lost shows up. You ask your self, “Why didn’t I think to look there?”

You get a call on the application you filled out and thought was dead in the water.

Your boss said he has changed his mind. He is not going to go for the deal he had planned on.

In fact, you change your mind over some decision you made these past couple of weeks.

You wish the hair cut you got had not been done but alas, you can’t glue it back on.

The argument you had with your friend is bugging you and you think you really should apologize. You say, I can’t believe I said those things.

The romantic break-up you had suddenly repairs itself and you reconnect and make-up! Gosh, what was that all about?

Yes….the good ol’ slap slick Mercury retrograde comedy comes to a turn in the road today. The great news is this.

The physical body just flat feels better. In planetary sciences, we refer to certain rulership (each planet controls a certain action). Mercury rules the nervous system. In particular: nerve functions and reflexes, lower dorsal nerves, optic nerves, sensory nerves, the cerebrospinal system and the sympathetic nervous system.

And every time Mercury is in retrograde motion these nerves just does not function in the way we are accustomed. We are lethargic, sleepy, foggy, ill, restless and confused. We feel we have dyslexia, or early on-set of Alzheimer’s disease. But of course, it is neither. It is just MERC!

This particular retrograde has been in the sign of Cancer. Stomach problems, appetite reversals, bloating and digestive upsets have certainly been a part of the picture. Emotional family issues have had an effect on the body as well.

So dry up those tears, with Mercury direct helps everything to feel better!

For a while, the speed of activities will still seem slow but the important thing to remember is … at least the events are moving in a direct motion. You can expect a series of shifting and restarts through the middle of August.

Here is some additional fabulous news for the weekend

In all of these challenges, there is a beautiful kind of opportunity that is working for us. It is like the all knowing eye (see graphic above). It is that same eye that is show on the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

Some of the actions taken today and Sunday will turn out to be fruitful actions and agreements. Things agreed upon now could turn out to be a great blessing.

So keep your arms open to the abundance of the universe and know that you are always blessed in the grand scheme of things.

It is better to obey the mysterious direction, without any fuss, when it points to a new road, however strange that road may be.

There is probably as much reason for it, if the truth were known, as for anything else.

---H. M. Tomlinson

Lyn Hammond-Gray, DDiv
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Holidays
Whether it be Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, or Merry Christmas,
Lyn Hammond-Gray and Star Forecast wishes you the beginnings of a joyful, playful, spiritual and loving holiday season.

The Moon moves into Gemini on this 13th day of December (2:59 pm EST) as we continue our Twelve day journey to the SEASON.

Mercury moved into Sagittarius at 4:19 pm EST on Monday---we begin to loosen up the recent experiences of our Mercury retrograde time. (Mercury will be in the sign of Sagittarius until the first of the New Year). There will be plenty of talking as in Chatty-Cathy…there will be the sharing of information, receipt of greeting cards and you are bound to meet a few people who have knowledge to give and share, even if you may not want it. Smile.

We begin to feel the dynamics of the full moon. Could it be here so soon? You bet Toyota! Those 28-day cycles move around fast. The full Moon occurs on Thursday in the sign of Gemini at 11:15 am EST. This is a “thinking” full moon. In other words, the brain, the head and the mind will be busy processing thoughts so fast that it may be difficult to sort them out. Remember to use the art of writing (we are the only species that can write, how gifted!). Writing is a fabulous way to crystallize those “too busy” thoughts and to connect the heart to the brain.

There are three major dynamics that come into play on this full Moon.

One: Venus moves into Aquarius just before the full Moon. We begin to think about love for the brotherhood. This is love in the form of thinking of what is good for all people. It could be that we come up with a plan of what is good for the whole.

Two: The Sun conjuncts Pluto once a year and it happens on this full Moon. This could bring a few power struggles between now and Thursday. Some of those struggles could be within you or with those around you. As long as you don’t feel that you have to be in control of the people, places and things around you---you’ll cruise through these dynamics. But if you must control, then power struggles you may greet.

An excellent way of managing these energies is to begin to nurture thoughts of …
”how can I change and transform my life for the better?”
Perhaps you can begin the process by asking the following self-questions and write down the answers that come forth----

1. How can I transform and change my life for the better?
2. Where do I need the power of strength and integrity?
3. What lofty thoughts can bring about a better life for me?
4. How do I crystallize the thinking into the experience of reality?
5. How can I take flight toward making my life the highest and best that it can be?

Three: The grand cross between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune is kicked remains active with Jupiter in exact square to Saturn just after the full moon. There may seem to be barriers to our normal business success. The money may not seem to be flowing (except in the direction to the gas stations and grocery stores). This is an excellent time to focus on building a plan for future accomplishments. Don’t expect the plan to move fast. Just put it down on paper and agree to agree with yourself to push on.

”Come to the edge,” He said.
They said, “We are afraid.”
“Come to the edge,”He said.
They came, He pushed them and they flew.

---Guillaume Apollinaire

Lyn Hammond-Gray practices a self developed art entitled “Stellar Psychology.” It is a process by which you maximize your life gifts, empower your experience of life and work through life’s challenges with grace and understanding.
She is available for private sessions by appointment.
She will be available for sessions to look ahead at the unfolding of your experiences for 2006.
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Star Forecast
Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to Sagittarius!

Happy Birthday to Sagittarius!

Oh, you wonderful happy, playful, optimistic Sagittarians’. What would the world do without the gifts you bring to humanity? The Sun dances in your sign now for thirty days. This is your golden time of the year.

And for the rest of us---we benefit with the Sun dancing through this sign ruled by optimistic Jupiter. It is time to dance a jig like a little fat pig! Make a note that Jupiter is the planet that rules expansion. So now that Mercury is retrograde, Mars is retrograde, and Saturn turned retrograde this morning… we may feel that we are chasing ourselves; running around in circles; making very little progress; experiencing Murphy’s Law and just plain feeling woe is me! We need a dose of Jupiter’s positive thinking and the Sun in Sagittarius brings just that.

The next thirty days is a perfect time to decide how to look at a glass half empty and it half full; to exercise the law of ”the mother of invention is born out of necessity”; to look at a pile of manure and see beautiful roses; to accentuate the positive and play down the negative.

Use today day for putting on the dramatic touches of your upcoming holiday, you know like the fan fair. The Moon moves into Virgo after lunch (1:41 pm EST) on Wednesday and suddenly, we will be whistling while we work. And work at the Thanksgiving celebration, we will indeed.

One of the greatest ways I know of being thankful is to sing. How long has it been since you really sang? No other being on the earth can vocalize with words like we can. Put music to those words on this Thanksgiving Holiday. Take your favorite tune and add these words:

Love flows to me abundantly and continually. I am healthy, wealthy, and wise, in every way I can devise. I share love and light, every day in every way, keeping myself and others bright.

Lyn Hammond-Gray and Star Forecast wishes you and yours moments of quiet reflection for all of the small and large blessings that we experience as spiritual beings living a human life. May your Thanksgiving be bright.

Lyn Hammond-Gray
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Ah! All of the hula-hoop energy of yesterday built by the full moon, Uranus turning direction by motion and Mercury retrograde motion is settling in a bit this morning as the moon spins in its infinite wisdom in the sign of Gemini…for you Gemini born, this is a green light day for you.

There are two principle energies working for the next three days.

Taking brilliant ideas but not knowing where to go with them. Venus in harmony with Mars. And the clue is….build a plan and WAIT for the universe to bring more clues, Mars stressing Saturn.

I have organized a posse and we are out searching for Mercury so I will be taking a Star Forecast pause for the next three days. Until then, work your plan.

Lyn Hammond-Gray
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Wind back!

Rewind – Regroup - Restructure - Reorganize

Rearrange – Recuperate

The time management book is in reverse and away we go! Mercury is retrograde for nineteen days in the sign of Sagittarius. We also have some rock and roll action this Monday and Tuesday.

Rock and roll is about shaking things up, making people act and react. That's what I do.

---Marilyn Manson

There are three distinct planetary actions that take place in the next 72 hours.

1. Mercury creates re-thinking and all of the above “re” words. (This will last for three weeks).
2. Uranus turns direct (after having been retrograde for five months). It brings sudden excitement, fresh new ways of looking at old worn out behaviours. A shot of brilliance can be expected. There may be some of this kind of thinking….”This has got to change.”
3. And last, but definitely not least, we have a full moon at the same time (7:59 pm EST on the Nov. 15th). Full Moons bring many layers of chaotic action. In order to deal with them, we must stop and think. Isn’t that what chaos really is…..order waiting to be established?

So this “rock and roll” is all about shaking things up. And the bottom line? What comes forward for you at this time will process for some time to come.

The next levels of awareness for understanding what this chaos is about are:

December 11, 2005 you get a flash and some insight.

Will you take time to keep notes and journal your thoughts? Michael Angelo’ did when he created his master pieces.

January 1, 2006 you begin to get a new level of understanding and a new avenue of action is revealed.

February 18, 2006 yet another layer and some determination is made of putting a plan for creating blessed order.

Meanwhile, slow down; smell the roses; plant pansies and a flower scheduled to bloom in the spring; have a conversation with a child…truth is never greater spoken than their innocent wisdom; watch with grace the real live play that takes place; sit, get quiet and just be. All things are in divine order. ---Lyn Hammond-Gray 770-621-7775


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