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Tommy Wiseau - writer, director, actor, and producer. Mr. Wiseau has many talents. Sadly, none of them have to do with film-making.

Last night, I was taken to see The Room, the movie that Mr. Wiseau wears so many hats, poorly, for.

Words escape me.

Some have said that it is so bad, it is good; and I'll admit that there was some definite, albeit unintentional, humor to be found in the movie. And some people have taken to use that to make it something of a new generation Rocky Horror. When userinfoBookOfMirrors and I got to the theatre, we were the first to get there to see the movie, but people did show up. Quite a few in fact. Some dressed as characters from the movie, as I would later find out. And some with plastic utensils. These, I would find, were where the Rocky-esque aspects come from. There are multiple times you will see spoons in the movie, at which point, the audience has taken to throwing the plastic spoons at the screen. I guess it's less mess than squirt guns, but just not as much fun, in my opinion. Like with Rocky Horror, the audience also took to yelling things at the screen.

It's hard to say what stands out the most - the poor acting, the unresolved plotlines, the ever-present spoon, the frequently out-of-focus camera...

And sadly, in order for you to truly grasp what I'm saying, you would have to go and see it. Luckily - or unluckily, however you may see it... The Plaza Theatre shows this of art... the last Tuesday of every month at 9:30pm. This means you have a whole month to psych yourself up. Take whatever narcotics, or whatever you do to make it through arduous experiences. After seeing this movie, you might think to go and get the bad taste out of your mouth, and perhaps rent something high-brow - like Debbie Does Dallas.

Believe me, it'll be better.
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