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This post may become somewhat rambling and possibly incoherant, but I will do my best to remain on topic.

[ profile] yummyteece: "community and communication have the same root word... they should not be mutually exclusive. "

I like that quote...and I know that might sound strange comming from me, being as closemouthed as I have been lately, but being quiet all this time has helped me understand a little the role that community has played in my life and more importantly, the effect its abscence has on my well-being. I have been depressed lately, nothing major, just a prevading sense of melancholy that I can't entirely shake off. Part of that I am attributing to the fact that I haven't been out interacting with people on a personal level. Hopefully, that will be changing in the next month or so as I get a job and [ profile] bookormirrors is finally getting some free time of her own. I think the community that I have missed the most is the pagan community, no matter what form it took. Yeah, I could go to the mall and people-watch, but there isn't that interaction that I've been missing. We will see how this turns out. thanks for listening, I apperciate it.


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